Christoph Khouri


Digital Products and Innovation

Christoph is a pioneer in the digital media industry with deep knowledge of both the product and technical sides of digital entertainment. He has been in the Digital Media and Publishing space for over 15 years, helping brands and product companies build platforms to connect with their audiences. Christoph currently leads product at Hearst Autos, overseeing Car and Driver, Road and Track, Autoweek, and Bring a Trailer. Prior to joining Hearst, Christoph founded and led Levvel’s Digital Media and Publishing Practice. Before Levvel, Christoph served as Chief Architect and Head of Strategy and Architecture at AOL, managing the publishing platform for all of their digital media brands including Huffington Post, Engadget, and Christoph also held leadership roles at several successful startups including ThreeDeep, a Diageo new business venture, and Blogsmith, an innovator of web publishing which was acquired by AOL. Christoph founded and served as the CTO of Castfire (now part of WideOrbit), a cutting edge digital streaming media platform with clients ranging from NFL, MLS, to ESPN and AOL. Christoph brings a wealth of knowledge and an extensive track record of building successful teams, products, and technical architectures.